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New River Fellowship Church

Life Group FAQ's

Why are Lifegroups important?

At New River, we are very intentional about community within the Body. We realize that as we grow larger, we must strive to keep the church smaller through intentional gatherings of New River folks. Groups are the ministry vehicle to accomplish this. Unless people get connected in a group setting, they are more likely to miss the opportunity to develop lasting relationships within this Body. You’ll never really experience the true life of New River unless you get connected in community.

What is the difference between a Connect Group and a Life Group?

A Connect Group will meet on a monthly basis and is more relationship and common interest driven. For example, the Men’s Hunting Group attracts men who love to hunt. Through this type of group, the opportunity of common interest can open the door for the seeds of the gospel to be planted in a very intentional yet non intimidating way. Life Groups, on the other hand, meet weekly to explore God’s Word together, minister to one another and minister together. Our LifeGroups meet on a Fall and Spring semester basis.

What are my options in choosing a Lifegroup?

Our lifegroup ministry is structured so that you can pick a group according to life stage as well as proximity of where you live. A big part of community is being able to connect with folks who not only go to church with you but may also live right around the corner from you. For more info about finding a group email groups@newriver.tv.

When do Groups meet?

Most lifegroups meet weekly but each group determines the time and place that best works for them.

Is childcare provided for Groups?

There is no childcare for our weekly lifegroups. Some of our Life Groups provide childcare through individual group participants. That means the Life Group participants serve their group in this capacity on a rotating basis. Or they may choose, as a group, to pitch in and hire a childcare worker for their group meeting. Individual groups are given the freedom to choose a childcare option that works best for their group and their childcare needs. For the most accurate details about childcare, please contact the group leader to ask how their group has arranged childcare.

How do I become a lifegroup leader?

Growing new leaders is a key priority at New River. If you’re secure that God is leading you in this direction, share that with your current Life Group or Connect Group leader, or visit with your campus pastor. Our desire is for our leaders to be a product of their experience in a Group, however, it is not mandatory to become a lifegroup leader.