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New River Fellowship Church

Life Groups

If you are interested in finding a lifegroup to connect with at New River, please email groups@newriver.tv, call us at 817.341.7970 OR Click on the "Find a Life Group" tab on the right. 

Lifegroups are smaller groups of people gathering weekly in homes for encouragement, prayer and to discuss and apply God’s Word for daily living.  Some of our lifegroups meet together because they live in the same area or work together in the same place.  Other lifegroups get started because they have something in common such as age, life stage, or interest.  At New River we will help you find a group that fits you, and if we don’t find one we will help you get one started! 

Most lifegroups meet weekly in the fall (September thru December) and in the spring (January thru May).  In the summers, most lifegroups take a break from meeting weekly but do get together for fellowship as everyone’s summer schedule will allow.

Though each lifegroup is unique, there are common things that happen in each lifegroup…

  • We take a look into God’s Word to discuss its meaning and how we can apply the truth we find there.
  • We take care of each other by praying and finding ways to meet the needs of those in our group.
  • We are open to invite people to join us and make them feel welcome and wanted.
  • We find a ministry project to do together in the spring and fall of each year.