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New River Fellowship Church


Marriage & Family Ministry

THE HOME IS UNDER ATTACK! More marriages currently end in divorce than survive. Families are disintegrating right before our very eyes. What is the churches responsibility in these issues? New River has established a threefold approach to answering the call to meet this challenge head on.

Our approach is to focus on:

  • Pre-Marriage classes and mentoring through the first year of marriage.
  • Positive reinforcement and restoration for troubled marriages/families.
  • Equipping classes and small groups that inspire and empower families to live out their God given purpose.  We will focus on parenting, communication, relevant issues, relationship building, warfare education, freedom living, leadership development, etc.

The Word of God has given us our mandate. The home was established by God and only through the power and truth of His Word, living and active in the lives of believers, can we hope to see strong, healthy and growing marriages and families take place. Throughout scripture (Eph 5:22-28; 6:1-4, Dt 6:1-9), we are actively aware that God places a high priority on marriage, family and the home. In fact, we believe that the health of the family/home determines the health of the church.

New River’s Marriage & Family Ministry is committed to seeing marriages and families’ grow and experience everything God intended for them. If you are interested in learning how to get connected in the Marriage and Family Ministry, click HERE to send us your information. You will be contacted by someone from this ministry soon.