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New River Fellowship Church


“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”  Acts 1:8

Missions - Defined

Any opportunity to represent the Gospel of Jesus in its fullness, beyond the immediate sphere of activity in the local church. 

Whether in our own backyard, Parker, Tarrant, Palo Pinto County, the United States or abroad.  The call to be witnessess moves us beyond communicating facts about Jesus to expressing our personal experience in Christ.  The experience of the truth of God's story, and the awarness of our participation in it, awakens a desire to express with adoration toward the King who made it happen.  The mission is the worship of God.

Missions - Vision

To glorify Jesus Christ by creatively and flexibly impacting the Acts 1:8 context – in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the outermost parts of the earth.  Strategically, in a measurable & identifiable way; engaging every member of the New River Family in the process.  Our desire is to see the transforming power of the gospel come to life, and see the worship of God spring forth in places & through people that have yet to be reached.


a.    KNOW  
Developing and maintaining ongoing relationship with all ministry partnerships and/or organizations.  Having an intricate relationship & knowledge with partners and the mission they are on, understanding their vision and purpose, is strategic in connecting our congregation to missions.  As a supporting church, we are called to shepherd our sponsored relationships, which can only be done through relationship.  Actively opening up streams of our body to take part in their mission, even if it’s simply by prayer.  Our desire is to be so well connected with our ministry partners, that we can quickly explain relationship and opportunities to take part whether in GIVE, or GO.

b.    GIVE  
This is not just a financially driven GIVE.  Physical needs, Time, Talent, Treasures, Touch, Words (prayer), clothing, shoes, building supplies, shoeboxes – these are all a few ways the New River family can come along side in support of the given need.  Budgetary commitments may not allow New River MIssions to financially commit immediately, but strategically inviting our body to engage, allows others to take part of the Great Commission.  By utilizing creative venues of marketing (ie., Facebook, Istagram, MissionsApp, etc.) & communicating the need, our influence is strategic element of our GIVE, and inviting the family of New River to take part increases Mission awareness.  This type of strategic approach and creative approach, will broaden our Acts 1:8 impact for the Kingdom.  

c.     GO 
Whether once a month or once every 3 years, our desire is to connect with our relationships and GO, serving along side them.  This applies to local, national and international partners.  Creatively approaching unique ministries – example; a marriage ministry that travels and speaks; GO looks limited, but can we take tickets, greet at the doors, serve food, drinks, sell books.  GO doesn’t always look the same, therefore we are committed to identify unique opportunities we can bless our partners, by serving in any capacity needed.   We desire to help our partners identify and establish opportunities to connect the New River family to the ministry itself.