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ActionTwenty 24 - Belize


The vision of Action Twenty24 has continued to evolve as new needs are realized. The vision started basic by hosting a sports camp in the summer months in 2012. It has since developed into multiple sports camps, Men's, Women's & Marriage Conferences & home rehabilitation projects. 


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Check out the families story below:

In March of 2011, Amy, Caitlynn, and Ashley headed off on a mission trip to a country they had never really heard of before. After returning they begged me to go on the trip with them the following year. After much debate I agreed to go, hoping it would finally make Amy stop asking me to go on these kinds of trips. I did my part, I played with the kids, met some friends, took a bumpy bus ride all the across the country, I had done the “mission” thing, so now it was time to move on, or so I thought.

While on the trip I met a local named Derrick who had a love for baseball I can’t even explain. He talked to me about helping him get some baseball equipment down to a team he was coaching on the Island of Ambergris Caye, Belize (San Pedro). We organized a used equipment drive and I was able to take 150 lbs. of gear to him in July 2012. It was awesome!

While on this trip I was asked if I would consider doing a Sports Camp on the island the following summer. Wait, slow down, I just came to bring some equipment, I’m not really a “mission” kind of guy.

So I returned home and after talking and praying with Amy it was decided, God wanted us to have a sports camp on the Island and from there Action Twenty 24 began…