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Global Church - Bali, Indonesia


Global is a church that is being founded by Jesus, located in Bali, Indonesia. He is the leader of his Church and serves as the Chief Shepherd and Overseer of Global. This means that our Elders, Deacons and Covenant Partners submit themselves to Jesus as their Senior Pastor in all areas of life and doctrine.


Through his sacrificial death on the cross he absorbed God's wrath for our sins. As a result, he made a way for us to become part of God's family as adopted sons and daughters. It is within the framework of this truth that our identity is found in Christ. As a result we desire to inhabit these five Christ-centered characteristics identifying us as belonging to Him.

Lee Carlson serves as the pastor and lead elder of the Global Church Bali campus. He is passionate about communicating the gospel, fostering biblical community, and making disciples of Jesus Christ. Before planting Global Church in Bali, Lee founded a media production company, where he led a team of talented producers, directors and artists. He holds a bachelors degree in Multimedia Production from Oral Roberts University, and is lovingly married.

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