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There are 7 Videos

Living the Blessed Life - Keith

Duration: 2:49

Keith Boyd shares about how God has transformed his life, and how he is living the blessed life.

Sujo John - Buried but not lost at Ground Zero

Duration: 6:00

Sujo John tells his story about what it was like in the North Tower on September 11, 2001, and how God has used his story to reach and impact so many.

Living the Blessed Life - Clarence

Duration: 2:43

From abuse to drugs, Clarence talks about what a difference God has made in his life.

Living the Blessed Life - Chad

Duration: 3:01

Listen to Chad's story about the transformation from the "good ol boy" syndrome and being performance based, to truly understanding God's plan for his life, and living his life for Christ.

Living the Blessed Life - Brad

Duration: 1:36

Brad dealt with anger, pride, lust and took it out on his family. Now, he has become the head of the household that God intended him to be.