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Lynn Bullock

Campus Pastor - Benbrook
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About Lynn:

Name: Lynn Bullock
Title: Benbrook Campus Pastor
Family: Wife: Debbie, Daughter: Angela Clement, Son: Bailey Bullock, Son-in-Law: MJ Clement, Grandchildren: Cade, Chloe, Colton Clement

Books : The Blessed Life, The Shack, This Present Darkness, Death Be Not Proud, Waking the Dead
Food: Mexican, Catfish
Snack Food: any desserts Debbie makes
Music Artist: Paul McCartney
Times of Day: Just before the sun comes up or just as the moon is rising
Season: Fall
Place in the World: Crested Butte Colorado
Place to Pray: Any place where I can walk and talk out loud to the Lord without hindrance (the church foyer before sun up is the best)
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Golf, Hunting (with the kids), Building things with my hands

Least Favorites:
Food: It's a tie... Tuna Casserole and/or Calamari
Time of Day: right after lunch
Season: Spring when it's rainy and can't make up its mind if it's going to be warm or cold
Place in the world: Kiev

Best thing someone ever told me: "The three most powerful words in the English language is, NO THANK YOU"
Life Motto: If you're not early, you're late!
3 people I'd like to meet: King David, Paul McCartney, George Mueller
1 of the things I find most fascinating: Is watching the "light" come on in the life of an individual who has begun to understand what "Walking in Relationship with Christ" is all about
One of my Greatest experiences with God: FULLY ALIVE, June 2010
Most people don't know this about me: I' m a 3rd generation Bricklayer, 2nd Degree Black Belt

Contact Information: